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Retro Penguin book covers in this new wallpaper from Osborne and Little
We have sourced some of the most exciting wallcoverings from all over the world. If you want something a little unusual, we have ranges of papers to meet your exact needs.

Dedar's Brio is inspired by fashion from the 1950s
With suppliers from all over the world, we have ranges that you won't find in most stores, so you are sure to get something which you won't see on your neighbours' walls straight away.
Colour and texture is our thing - we love it. We spend our whole time with our eyes peeled, finding new ranges that appeal to the modern customer. Wallpaper is so much more than just a room decoration. It can set the mood, change the way you feel, enliven you, relax you.

Little Greene have once again delved into the archives of English Heritage for their new collection
There are numerous different type of wallpapers, from smooth digital prints, to heavy-inked gravure which has a real texture to the touch. Indeed, we believe that if you get a wallpaper choice right for a room, is draws you towards it and actually makes you want to reach out and touch it!

Taken from their Vintage Collection, Tulips is one of Sanderson's signature designs
We order in our wallpapers on a daily basis from suppliers around the world. With thousands and thousands of designs and colour ways, all papers are ordered in to demand.
If you are unsure of what design you are after, you should feel free to contact us. We can confirm stock availability, whether an item is on short supply or has been discontinued, and if need be put an item on reserve to make sure that the design is available should you decide you want to go ahead.
Our online wallpaper site, Wallpapers of Distinction, has wallpapers classified to help you find the designs you are looking for. Whether you want to search by brand, colour, design or other features, you can narrow down your choices to find exactly what you are looking for.
In-store, we have a wealth of knowledge that we love to share. So if you have a certain look or feel you are after, you should always feel free to come on down or contact us to discuss what you are after.
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