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So you need some help with your project? Maybe it's just some advice in-store to help steer you in the right direction. But if you are totally lost and want more detailed advice, maybe our interior design service is what you are in need of. For a fixed fee, we will come out to your home and discuss what you are after and what you might like. We will take you through the options, matching your needs and budget to brands available to give you a space you can be proud of.
The sheer range of product can seem to be quite daunting at first. With so many books of wallpapers and fabrics, knowing where to start can be very tricky. Just remember one thing though - we deal with these books every day. We are used to what is inside each one. More importantly, we also know what else is available which we can supply but we might not have in one of our books.
Just a little bit of time from us can help to narrow down what you are after and help you get the room you are really after.
In our showroom, we are always on hand to talk you through the options of what is available, give you some suggestions, and help you along with finding what you are looking for. We have clear uncluttered tables for you to be able to spread out with the books and really delve into all the options of what you might like.
Whatever you are after, we are sure we can help you find what you are looking for. Florals, damasks, trees, books, even Maralyn Monroe - we've got patterns to suit all tastes!
Just pop into our showroom and spend some time with us picking what you are after. Or if you would like to know more about our design consultation service, feel free to contact us to discuss what we could do for you.
Interaction between materials
Interior design really is all about creating a great experience. It's not just about the colours. It's about different textures, how light plays off varying materials, how colours combine with others and change during the day under different lighting conditions.
For this reason, it is essential when choosing wallpapers, fabrics and paints to test them in the surroundings in which they will be housed. Different times of day will produce different lighting conditions which can totally transform a design. Colours can shift to something unexpected, and patterns can vary wildly.
Pattern books
Our pattern books are available to take home should you wish to browse in the comfort of your own surroundings whilst you make up your mind. We recommend this option to many people who are unsure of what they are after and want to be able to browse without feeling rushed. With a seemingly bewildering number of pattern books, choosing a design can seem daunting. By narrowing your choice down to just a few books, this pressure can be eased greatly. We are more than happy to deliver pattern books locally (see local delivery map below) as they can be quite heavy and bulky to carry. Just ask us for more information.
We would also recommend that you make use of samples to try out products before you buy them. Whether it's a wallpaper sample to view on the wall, a swatch of fabric to check out the texture, or a match pot of paint to inspect the tone and finish, it is vital to undertake this step to ensure that you get the desired result you are after in the end. You can stick up the wallpaper samples to your walls to make sure you are really happy with the pattern and colour, checking it under different lighting conditions, and making sure it works with other fabrics.
Help on hand
At the end of the day, just remember that all taste is personal. Everyone will like different things. If you like it and it suits your taste and suits the needs of the surroundings, then it's the correct choice. Don't let the taste of others sway you from what you really love. However, if you would like some advice, then you can always pop into the showroom to talk things through, or drop us a line over the phone or via email. Maybe you would like something traditional, but don't want it to look old-fashioned, or you want something retro but don't want it to be too wild. Maybe you want to surprise a family member with a new room. We are often asked about ideas for nurseries or teenage bedrooms by people who want to keep it a surprise, but who are in need of some inspiration.
Whatever your needs, we are always here on hand to help you as much or as little as you need. You should never feel afraid to ask for our help should you need it!