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Theo from Casadeco's Miami collection - bursting with energy and vitality, this range is joyful, bold and unusual
Fabrics come in a bewildering array of designs and types which are suitable for different purposes. How do you know you have seen the best options for fabrics when you are making your final selections?

Forest from Morris and Co - a traditional fabric from their new Archive II Collection
We have scoured our suppliers to find designs which range from the traditional to the unusual. We have collections from leading names you are almost certainly familiar with, like Sanderson and Designers Guild, through to unusual brands such as Dedar from Italy and Casadeco from France.
With access to thousands of designs of fabric to meet your exact needs, we can help you track down the type of material you are after according to how you want it used, what texture you require. So whether it's a gentle sheer for a window to a thick velvet for a chair, we've got something for everyone.

Jubilee Square from Sanderson - a classic 1950s print which looks as modern today as the day it was released
If we do not have the pattern book in-store containing the design you want, we can request a large (returnable) sample from the manufacturer for you to peruse in the comfort of your own home. This can also be a more convenient option when trying to narrow down your selected choices to a single final design in the comfort of your own home.

WOW from Dedar - a lush jacquard velvet from Italy, available in many funky colours
We can advise you on patterns and textures which are available to give you the finish you require. Alternatively, should you require a full service, we can arrange to supply the fabric and have it made up into whatever you require - curtains, blinds, even upholstery. We can even have your fabric (or wallpaper) turned into a bespoke lampshade should you require. Just ask us for more information about this.
It's always best to start to browse and give yourself as much time as possible to decide. Some products are not available for immediate despatch and can take a couple of weeks if they ship from abroad. We can also check with suppliers to ensure that the fabric you are after is in stock and available for despatch. Should you require it, we can place product on reserve at the manufacturers (typically for 1-2 weeks) should you wish to ensure that it is still available whilst you make your final decision.
Whatever you require, we are here to help. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.